Reviews of Bark Busters Home Dog Training Ann Arbor MI

We place a very high value on customer feedback to ensure we stay in tune with our clients needs and expectations and continue to deliver excellent results and customer service. Every customer is given a feedback form which may be returned freepost to our Head Office. The feedback is logged, and where client permission has been given, the testimonials from those feedback forms are published below.

My family loved Ruth and the manner she presented all of the information. It was a lot to take in but she had such a calm, relaxed approach it made my wife and kids feel very confident. The basic skills and knowledge Ruth gave us after our first session has produced great results. I am the dog person in the family, my wife doesn't have the experience or confidence when dealing with dogs. Until now! I have not only witnessed great results while dealing with Woodson but my wife has been stepping in in a greater role and handling him as well. I can see that the skills Ruth brought to us have built my wife's confidence too. My younger kids are taking a leadership role as well just at a slower pace but they are displaying increased confidence! This has been an amazing experience to this point after just one training session, I look forward to the future with Ruth and future training.
Adam S., New Hudson, Michigan 23rd April 2018
Trainer's Comments
Thank you Adam. It was wonderful meeting your family and Woodson is a beautiful pup!! We look forward to working with all of you in the future.

I can’t say enough about the great skills Ruth taught to Jerry, and Buster and I! We had a ten person dinner party this evening which was a complete success thanks to you Ruth! God bless you! Buster exceeded our expectations and was quiet the entire evening and even enjoyed a bit of petting! We gladly endorse Bark Busters and refer to anyone we know who could benefit from your amazing skill set. A big thanks! Buster is an accomplished student of Ruth! He has transformed into a wonderful host at parties instead of a nervous bark all night puppy! Grateful for Bark Busters! 💜🐾
Janna W., Saline, Michigan 8th March 2018

The training session was informative and hands-on. It has been easy to follow the instructions.
Cheryl S., Ann Arbor, Michigan 26th February 2018

Muncie has really bad separation anxiety. I had to take her to work with me, and couldn't do simple tasks around the house without her right by my side. With Ruth's help after a few days it is already night and day with her. Granted we still have a lot more work to be where I would want but Ruth gives you all the right tools to be on the right path to success! I'm so happy with the results I'm seeing after just a few days. I can go to the bathroom by myself, and take the trash out with out her having a melt down. It is the little victory's already I'm so happy with. Ruth really goes over and beyond for her clients making sure they have all the tips to have great results. She has already called me to check in and gave me more ideas to help. Hands down the best experience I think I have had with any company. I would recommend this to anyone. This is worth every penny to have that one on one in home experience and to get my life back. Thank you!
Kim B., Lake Orion, Michigan 16th January 2018
Trainer's Comments
You are welcome !! Great to hear you having more confidence and a sense of relief, as well as, getting your life back !! It is a process and we will get there. Great to hear Muncie is getting more relaxed as well.

We loved Ruth and so did our puppy! We thank her a million times over for the help with our puppy! We’ve only had one training session so far and we’re 100% satisfied !
Amanda and Stefan S., Howell, Michigan 7th December 2017

Ruth was very encouraging and explained everything in good detail. Theo responded well as did my other dog. I used the technique a few hours after Ruth left and I was able to cook dinner without Theo being right there trying to stick his nose in all the food. I was able to easily communicate to Theo to stay outside of the kitchen. This was a first and a much appreciated outcome!
ADRIENNE F., Ann Arbor, Michigan 30th November 2017
Trainer's Comments
Theo is an amazing rescue dog !! Very lucky to have you!

Ruth is amazing! She's very knowledgeable and helpful. In just 1 1/2 hours with her here showing us techniques and giving us a different perspective on how to deal with him, he was a different dog. We've continued to use her techniques and they are working! When I have any questions, I can call her and she answers them quickly. I wish we would have given Bark Busters a call years ago when we got him. I highly recommend Ruth and Bark Busters!
Maureen S., New Hudson, Michigan 14th September 2017
Trainer's Comments
Thank you !! I had a great time and really enjoyed watching him respond to all of you so quickly. Keep up the good work!!

My fiancé and I have 2 pitbulls, Miley is 8 years old and Bogey will be 2 this year. We have had our hands full! = Sibling rivalry became an issue, our oldest would become more aggressive specifically with food and toys. Neither have shown aggression towards humans, nor was there an issue with being territorial over myself or fiancé. We quickly identified food and toys as an issue but had no idea how to handle them! From the first phone conversation with Ruth and the advice she offered I knew we had made the right choice in calling Bark Busters. Ruth provided suggestions that have made a huge impact on how we manage our dogs behavior. She explained that our oldest dog was essentially disciplining the puppy, who has now grown to be the same size as the older dog. We had to restablish who was the pack leader and make it clear we would not tolerate their aggressive behavior. It has worked wonderfully! We spent time walking and working on leash pulling as well as how to keep the dogs from jumping up on people when they come in the house. Money well spent! Thank you so much Ruth!!
Amanda N., Brighton, Michigan 18th April 2017
Trainer's Comments
You are welcome !! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you. Miley and Bogey are great dogs .... keep me posted !!

Ruth was wonderful! She was very easy to reach and schedule an appointment with and even offered a lot of helpful tips over the phone before we even met in person. She was prompt, organized, and was able to work with everyone in our family, children included, about how to be a better dog family! She provided us with lots of tips and strategies we could use immediately and even offered some suggestions in case other problems arose. Thanks so much for your help with Brecken and Princess!
Susie S., South Lyon, Michigan 5th March 2017

I'm thrilled with how much of a difference Bark Busters has made on my dog!! My trainer, Ruth, taught me how to handle almost any problem that I've experienced and even problems that I could potentially experience, in a proper and effective way. Her teaching techniques were clear and made a HUGE difference in how my dog, Cooper, behaves. Cooper started with some very serious issues such as child aggression and dog aggression. Although there is still more work to be done, Cooper has made great strides in resolving these issues in just a short amount of time. Thank you so much Bark Busters... and a special thank you to Ruth!! You're the best!!
Heather C., Dexter, Michigan 25th February 2017

Ruth was great. She understood our dog so well. We are pleased with the results so far.
Lisa D., Brighton, Michigan 3rd February 2017

It was great! I couldn't believe how well Cash responded to the training! Ruth was very nice and helpful! The training made a lot of sense! Thank you so much!
Megan Q., Brooklyn, Michigan 29th January 2017
Trainer's Comments
Amazing dogs !!! So much fun to work with !! Good job !!

It's only been 24 hours since we had our training, but Remy is already catching on and making great progress. Ruth was very knowledgeable and had great remedies for the problems that we were experiencing. Can’t wait to see how we progress over the next few weeks!
Angel H., Brighton, Michigan 16th January 2017

Working with a 5 month old puppy has its challenges. Ruth showed consistency and Shanti did begin to listen over time. She also determined some parts of boundary training were not yet going to work with him at his stage of mental development. We look forward for more help with calm walking and less barking, along with other behaviors, such as stealing from counter tops.
David T., Ypsilanti, Michigan 31st October 2016

Very helpful. Ruth assessed well the parts of communication that were working well and the parts that needed help. The training techniques she introduced me to worked wonders, and my dog Lily was very responsive to them in good ways. Lily enjoyed the training. Ruth explained things very well, and the exercises and materials make good sense. The Bark Buster collar and leash also make walking more pleasant and will come in handy for situations of friends/strangers coming to the door.
Martha H., Ann Arbor, Michigan 18th September 2016

Ruth did an amazing job of teaching my daughter and I how to read the behavior of our dog, Snoopy, and how to interpret it so that we could take the steps necessary to train him. He used to drive us crazy barking at every little sound made in our condo and now, using Ruth methods, he only barks when appropriate. He used to bark and become aggressive towards my daughter when I was in my bedroom with him. Now, he does not do this. He used to hate going in the car and now, he is the best co-pilot. I cannot thank Ruth enough for the information and quality of her teachings. They have made a huge difference in our lives and in the life of Snoopy. Ruth is a consummate professional with a deep knowledge base and wisdom regarding animals. This was the best money I have spent and I would recommend her services to anyone whose dear animal is having behavioral/emotional issues !!
Selene N., Ann Arbor, Michigan 11th September 2016

Ruth was excellent. Very knowledgeable. The puppies took to her right away. Rambunctious Oscar didn't like being told what to do but came around nicely.
Mike and Angi P., Saline, Michigan 23rd May 2016
Trainer's Comments
Absolutely adorable pups !!

It went very well, and both dogs responded much better than expected. Ruth was extremely friendly and helpful.
Aaron J., Ypsilanti, Michigan 4th May 2016

We have 2 ESS and 2 Westys. Aggression with the male springer, Jasper, was the issue relating to neighbor dog(s). Ruth quickly identified the root issue with the aggression. This made perfect sense. Jasper was taking on responsibilities that were mine. I dropped the ball. We are already seeing the difference. Ruth also identified the "instigator" of the pack, Sadie Mae. Again, we are already seeing a behavior change with the suggestions by Ruth. We have recommended Ruth to two of our friends. I am regaining control of the pack:) Thank you very much.
Jon W., Fowlerville, Michigan 2nd May 2016
Trainer's Comments
Great "pack" to work with !!! That is what Bark Busters is all about !!!

Ruth was amazing with helping to solve our dog's issue with marking in the house. We had recently moved and previously house trained our puppy. Jax began to mark in the house up to 7 times per day. Our relationship with our guy started to deteriorate and we worried we'd have to re-home him. After the 1st visit, we noticed a huge difference in Jax! Ruth helped us regain our role as "pack leader" and the soiling in the house was improved. We continued the techniques she taught us and we were able to eliminate the issue all together. SO happy to have discovered the website and grateful to Ruth and Bark Busters for training us on how to train Jax to get the results we wanted. I know she's only a phone call or email away with any questions I may have. I would recommend Bark Buster's to anyone!
Brandi S., Saline, Michigan 27th April 2016

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